AUTOart Jaguar E-Type Coupe And Roadster

Ebrahim Khazaei

Autoarts Jaguar captures the E-Types glamor, its shape and its exotic nature in detail, which is only fair for a model that lists at $245.90. Start with the parts count. There are 516 metal and plastic parts, with more than half of those being metal plus 24 photoetched and 61 chrome-plated parts. For instance, all grilles and air inlets and outlets are photoetched, including the radiator. The stainless steel wheels have hand-installed spokes for the wire wheels, similar to CMC models that easily cost $150 or more. The Jaguar's door handles, windshield frame, wipers, bumpers, and headlight frames are chrome-plated and well-detailed to give the model an authentic look, too.

Taken on 6/18/2021

Category : Classic

Album : Side By Side

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