AUTOart Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC

Ebrahim Khazaei

It wasnt the biggest of all S-Classes (that title goes to the next one in the row) but for many it was the best. And at the pinnacle of the Mercedes line-up of the 80s sat this car. The big coupe with the huge V8 engine. The SEC is the coupe version of W126 S-class, which is probably the best S-class of all time. It inherited the W126's solid build quality, bullet-proof reliability, tasteful and roomy interior. All these factors should make it a future classic. In terms of technology, it was rather conservative. Semi-trailing arms suspension was not exactly state of the art. Ditto the single-cam V8s, which had been detuned for fuel economy under the so-called "new energy concept". The original 380SEC and 500SEC generated only 204hp and 231hp respectively, so they could not keep up with the smaller, lighter and six-cylinder-only BMW 635CSi on the road. Never mind, what 500SEC - if not the entry-level 380SEC - excelled was effortless performance, thanks to its 300 pound-foot of torque and standard-fitted 4-speed automatic transmission.

Taken on 4/28/2018

Category : Classic

Album : Single Shot

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