AUTOart Porsche 911 GT1

Ebrahim Khazaei

With the revival of international sportscar racing in the mid-1990s, Porsche expressed interest in returning to top level sportscar racing and went about developing its competitor for the GT1 category. In spite of its 911 moniker the car actually had very little in common with the 911 of the time, however its frontal chassis was shared with the then (993) 911, while the rear of the car was derived from the Porsche 962.The new vehicle was an outright success at Le Mans, winning the GT1 class at its debut race, although it lost the overall victory to Joest Racing's Porsche WSC-95 prototype, still a success in that this vehicle used a Porsche powerplant.

Taken on 4/21/2018

Category : Racing

Album : Motosport

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