AUTOart Porsche 997 vs corvette C6

Ebrahim Khazaei

The C6 Corvette came into being in 2005 and was roundly applauded as an improvement over the C5 design.While the Corvette has "evolved" with the various re-designs, the changes are significant and GM ends up redesigning the whole car both visually and internally. Conversely, the original Porsche 911 DNA is still evident in the current 997 visually, plus the car's evolution seems to have been planned from the very beginning. This, if you are a Porsche fan, is almost a security blanket of sorts-no funny business and no surprises. Porsche will make changes, but the car will always be a 911. The current C6 design is, well...current, and the C7, whenever that comes along, will probably include extensive design changes to remain "fresh" and will up the performance.

Taken on 6/2/2016

Category : Sport

Album : Rivals

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